Welcom to Poloport

Since 2014 "Poloport" brand has set out to provide fashionable eyewear that reflects the innovative values of the designer.

Quality, fine taste and beauty, Poloport designs show off ones status as elegant and creative. With the energetic city of Delhi as a base Poloport is a proud Indian brand that is set to define what Indian design is to the international marketplace.

Poloport is the brand producing handcrafted eyewear in a distinctly retro silhouette with a futuristic twist. Poloport vision is to develop high quality eyewear with fresh, hip and stylish designa at an affordable price and to become a trustworthy and respectful brand that loves the simple but is only satisfied by the best.

Polarized Sunglasses

How do polarized sunglasses work, and what does polarized mean, you ask? Polarized lenses have a unique chemical film coating that helps eliminate or reduce glare. Glare is caused when light from the sun is reflected off of water or a solid surface. Have you ever noticed when you are out at the beach or lake, the glare reflecting off the water causes blurry vision? When light is reflected off of water or solid surfaces, the reflected light shines back at your eye and is magnified which results in a glare. Polarized lenses filter the light that comes in from different angles and allow you view objects clearly. Without polarized protection, depth perception is reduced, distorted view and color perception occur, and in some cases, you could be temporarily blinded. Polarization is useful for many outdoor activities including driving, extreme sports, water sports, and fishing. Better yet, prescription polarized sunglasses are also an option for anyone who needs corrective eyewear. The benefits of polarized sunglasses are endless and can save your vision!

UV Protection Sunglasses

Ultraviolet eye protection matters, especially out here in the Arizona sun. Too much exposure from the sun’s UV rays has been linked to extensive eye damage. This can include cataracts, pingueculae, macular degeneration, and even sunburns on your cornea. Not only protecting your eyes from the sun, it’s important to wear sunglasses in the shade too as UV rays reflected from buildings and other surfaces are dangerous. UV sunglasses are also a necessity in the winter as snow can reflect 80% of UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation and your eyes do not mix well together. Being prepared with protective eyewear will save you in the long run. Think of UV protection sunglasses and polarized eyeglasses as sunscreen. UV protection sunglasses are SPF 45 and polarized are SPF 15. The more protection you have, the better care you are taking of your eyesight. Are you ready to protect your eyes this summer with protective fashion eyewear? Make your appointment today to check out our designer frames and protective eyewear!

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